About the Band

Xotic Yeyo is the funky party band that will put the up in your cup, like a Cafe Cubano.

XY is the made-in-Miami mood enhancer that  turns the dance party out.

In July 2015, guitarist and vocalist Stu Sauce, began writing music with Rod “The Bass Ryder,” a thumper and  groover of the 4 sting Mustang .  He sings, produces, and  writes the groove of Mothership, an homage to P-Funk that wrote itself, not long after they met Cody Orange.

On October 31st, Cody took the throne with Xotic Yeyo drumming a style that fit the funky  groove music. 

The band took off, hustling high energy dance parties, right away.

Up and down the Florida coast, these dance parties popped at Orange Blossom Jamboree, Funktober Fest,  and the biggest Xotic Yeyo hot spot of them all, The BB&T Center. Taking over the NHL Florida Panther’s home Games has been their residency since the 2017 season.  

In 2019,  C. Rome began busting out some keyboard, back-up vocals, and synthesizer action with the crew. The good times keep getting better.

Xotic Yeyo concerts are festivals, and everyone is invited to get freak-ay.

Side effects of Xotic Yeyo include grooving, gyrating, ecstasy, and raise in libido. 

Stream the catalog of singles and LP: Chocolate Decadence,  Slide 2 the Left, and Bad Romance, a lady Gaga Cover.

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