Jamsphere says Mothership is a Crazy Funky Freakout

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Heyo Yeyo you #FunkyMonkeys,jamspherpic


Robie Tee of Jamsphere Independent Music Magazine did an article on the band’s first release, Mothership—He describes the song as a funky Freak out, find out what else he has to say about #XoticYeyo #Mothership! (Click the pic, you #FunkyMonk)

Also, we have some shows lined up–Tonight, 12/15, we are taking over the Jam Life Psychedelic Landing show ;  A night of trippy original music! Next month we will be taking over Kreepy Tiki again (01/14), for a Holiday Fest where you can #Win100dollars.  In February we take over our favorite local live music spot with  Zoe, Kevin, and the radical crew at Two& (02/04 in Ft.Lauderdale). We will also be back at 109 Burger Joint (02/18), joining our Favorite Chef, Louis Blanco for the best burgers in Miami.
Expect funk, fries,
and burgers  of massive size
to fill your face-hole that night
with some best funk-n-burgers on 109th street in Miami .

We look forward to funkin you right in the face along side bands like Off Orbit and Idiots on the Moon, tonight.

Till next time you funky little earth-mass,
our Mothership’s advancing

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