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Heyyo Yeyo, Motha Funkas!the-crew

Our Anniversary as a band is coming up!
XOTIC YEYO turns ONE YEAR OLD tomorrow, 10/30!

Wish us a Happy Anniversary on the Book of Faces or Instaworld.
Every 10/30 is an Anniversary, and our funk keeps all us brothers and sisters from aging like milk.

Be sure to catch us on last weeks  Imaginary Radio Episode#516, where we had a great time and got #funkedup at their Rum-wonderful Teakeasy.

If you missed us, we are going to be on the airwaves again– Turn on Shake 108 (107.9 FM) between 8pm and 9pm,
and hear our sound;
FM Radio is a big step for this local band,
and it will be where we premier some of our
songs from our EP Down 2 Funk.
Tune into us. We came to funk you, my dear!

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